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2022-23 Student Information Update

Parents need to log in to their own Skyward account (not student’s account) and complete the Student
Information Update.

If you do not know your login information, please call us and we can help you: 801-610-8180



  1. Once you have logged in, select your student who attends Polaris High School.

  2. Click on the student information update to begin. You will go through some steps to update/verify your information e.g., address, phone number, emergency contacts, and busing.

  3. When you come to the step for updating Skylert, make sure to checkmark the boxes next to email & text to receive information from Alpine School District via those methods.

  4. Once you hit step #6 (in Skyward), you must click on the website before you can mark that step complete.

  5. The website is where you will review school information. Once you complete all steps, click finish. You should receive an email shortly thereafter letting you know you have successfully updated your information.